Madison WI Police Shut Down Illegal Craps Ring

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In the world of gambling there are still some illegal games in operations. It is looked down upon by legislators but that disapproval isn’t enough to stop it just yet. The bottom line with gambling is that it is big business and the temptation for thieves to use it to their own gain is always there. They believe that they can somehow circumvent the system and come up with ways to benefit from illegal gaming. Of course if a game is being illegally operated then its operators are not contributing to the taxation schedule. Every game that has approval, also has a portion of its overall revenue put into the state’s coffer. For example, a good casino may bring in $8- million every month and the state in which it is operating may get anywhere from 40 to 60% of that money on a monthly basis. This is why legislators are so happy about gambling and what it can bring to their market. They know that they can use that money to change their market that much quicker. The millions of dollars that a good casino brings in are critical to continued turnaround and growth from the recession’s problems. When a thief sets up an unregulated game though, this creates problems. Not only are they benefiting from the games, but they are also keeping money away from regulators. Without a tip-off legislators are never aware of the games and their potential revenues either.

Recently craps were the target of illegal gaming and this is somewhat expected considering the setup of the games. Craps can be played anywhere. All you need to wager on the game are a pair of dice. Once you have that, two payers can wager for hours illegally. That is what happened recently in Madison Wisconsin. The local police department had to come down heavily on an illegal craps game. It ended in the arrest of two men who admitted to the game and holding them in their apartment numerous times for cash payouts. This is one more incident that points to legislators not yet having a proper grip on the world of illegal gaming activities. They are trying, but it is something that is going to take more efforts to overcome.

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